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Dire Wolf Cichlids - Collector of the finest quality Show Male Malawi African Cichlids based in Canada. © 2012

Show Tank African Cichlids

Specializing in Show Male Peacock (Aulonocara) & Hap (Haplochromis) Malawi African Cichlids.

Supplying the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, Canada.

I put forth my best effort to collect only the finest quality male specimens from Lake Malawi. Fish come to me in a number of ways. Direct from Africa, Germany and the U.S. Also, top quality tank raised and F1 stock from selected top notch breeders throughout Southern Ontario.

All fish go through a minimum acclimation period before being made available. No fish leaves unless they are 100% healthy, period. I never purchase hormone fed fish that lose their brilliant colour after the hormones wear off. Some overseas suppliers do this and I wish they would not, it is just not good for the fish.

Species For The Year of 2017

2017 is a whole new year and I have decided to continue with Lake Malawi, now collecting even more rarely found species within the hobby. It was Lake Malawi where I first got started into the colourful world of African cichlids as a youngster. Finding these rare species from Germany, wow, a whole new world of cichlids again, it is like starting all over, a kid in a candy store.

Essentially, there are 4 main cichlid groups; Aulonocara, Haplochromines, Predator Haplochromines and Mbuna. The focus will be on the first 3 groups, as they can all cohabit well together. My show tank is a testament to the tranquility. It is absolutely mandatory to make sure that certain species are not mixed together for two key reasons. One, cross breeding can be a problem especially with Aulonocara as the females all look very much the same throughout the species. Second, some are rather peaceful for cichlids, i.e. Aulonocara and Haps, while others such as Mbuna can be very aggressive. The peaceful species can get terrorized and eventually die if not well balanced.

Though I will have breeding groups from time to time, my focus is the “Malawi Male Peacock & Hap Show Tank.” As many species are dimorphic, the females can be rather bland while the males show brilliant colouring. The key is to have only males and to pack as many different species to diffuse aggression and result in a beautiful aquarium. In an all-male tank there is no chance of cross breeding and the outcome is a show piece of art.

So, for 2017 expect all kinds of new, exciting, colourful and rare African cichlids from me, here at Dire Wolf Cichlids. Feel free to contact me for any and all special requests as I should be able to get most anything given enough time to source the fish.

Lake Malawi Show Males